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From: Nick Heap (
Date: 07/27/00


I spent a few weeks away from the list as I was starting to feel
overwhelmed and wondering what I was a member for. I have rejoined the
list for a variety of reasons. I was missing the "conversations" with some
people, sometimes off-list and more missing the awareness that there are
people, you, out there across the world thinking hard and sharing ideas
about how to make organisations better places to be in and for people in
them grow too.

There have been three developments since I left.

1) I am now a grandfather to Rebecca (as of 6/7/00). She is a peaceful and
happy baby and to see my son, Tim, and his wife, Julie and being with her
so tenderly has been a complete delight. I now fully understand At's
enthusiasm for his grandaughter.

2) I have been on three day course on Appreciative Enquiry, run by Anne
Radford and Tricia Lustig in London and am finding its positive and
energy-releasing way of thinking and working very attractive and useful in
my OD work. There is a listserve details
on that is helpful
and often inspiring.

3) After months of prevaricating, I now have a baby website I have started to put my articles,
handouts, workshop designs, course details, recommended books there and
encourage anyone to use them freely. I would rather have my work out
there, working hard and being used than sitting, bored in my filing
system. Don't get too excited though as the site is very small as yet!

I look forward to lots of stimulating e-mail!

Best wishes,

Nick Heap

01707 886553 and
[Host's Note: Welcome back, Nick! ..Rick]


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