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From: Judy Tal (
Date: 07/27/00

Replying to LO25098 --

Dear Gerrit, At ... and ALL of us,

Thank you At, for sharing so benevolently your expertise in the linguistic
perspective. However, the prefix "meta" is also commonly used to stand for
on/upon/about and naturally these interpretations need to be encompassed
in our discussion. Speaking for myself, they probably imply more (only in
terms of frequency! %-)).

For me Metanoia would have to do with an extra awareness to the thoughts
that follow (flow) with the actual activities that make an organization. A
Metanoia Organization would then continuously strive to enable such an
awareness: encourage it by means of ideology, make room for it by means of
strategy, contain it by means of sensitivity and actually organize to it.

Facilitating metanoia organization has much to do with MEETING - meeting
of minds, of ideas, of people, of needs, of perspectives, of ... just name
it. Meetings vary in form, and also in place - they can occur in a
meeting-room, on a computer screen or in a nice coffee place, in the
Netherlands. So I shouldn't be surprised to read about MEETING when the
subject is Metanoia Organizations - not even surprised by the fact that in
all contributions till now (under this subject) I read about MEETING right
at the opening sentence, and again in the closing sentence, just before
the greetings! ;-)

Can I say that the so far, all associations with Metanoia Organizations
were contained or nested between MEETING? ;-)

Thus, to your sweet and funny remark, At:

>I wish I was the fly on the wall, carefully observing your "coffee
>meeting", smelling the AROMA of coffee and spirit.

I will just say: I wish, each member (including you, At) were there -
wether observing, experiencing, actualizing or dreaming Metanoia
Organizing - in vivo.

Shalom to all - lOOking forward ... when the time is right.


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