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Date: 09/01/00

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Arun-Kumar Tripathi wrote:
> [Hi, two new books on "The Cognition and Development of Discovery
> Processes" and "The Geometry of Thought" are available from MIT Press.

Thanks.I found this information useful.
I am trying to add some commentaries of Human Cognition by H. A. Simon(
this 1986 Chinese book is his 30-hour lectures in Beijing University in
1983)to update it into second edition and publish in Taiwan.Perhaps some
people in this forum can help me since I am quite new in cognitive

For some learners of this forum, perhaps Howard Gardner's Leading Minds
and Simon's Models of My Life, Administrative Behavior and The Sciences of
the Artificial will be good references.(Some of his personal
communications with me are related to some of our discussions but I don't
think I have the right to disclose them.I hope later we can discuss about
them if someones are keen on them.)

Best wishes,

Hanching Chung


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