Evaluating Market Potential LO25300

From: Vana Prewitt (Vana@PraxisLearning.com)
Date: 09/05/00

Replying to LO25276 --

Winfried asked :

> Has anybody good resources about how to approach the evaluation of market
> potential?

I assume you mean a traditional market analysis? This is a pretty well
established financial model, depending on the product or service, and
relies on some assessment of the intended market.

For example, a few years back, I conducted a market analysis for a new
type of dry cleaning process that I wanted to make available at a low
price. I determined through my research that I would need a population
density about double that of my current target market.

If this isn't what you meant, perhaps you can give me an example?

kind regards,

Vana Prewitt


Vana Prewitt <Vana@PraxisLearning.com>

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