Making Fire LO25305

Date: 09/06/00

Dear Leo,

You wrote asking,

> how do the San people make fire?

>Personally I have thought much of the common theories that
>archaeologists have about 'making fire', and I believe that 'primitive'
>people have used other ways as well. I well share with you my thoughts
>later, after receiving the response on my question.

Then after a while...
>Maybe the answer to this question is unknown within this audience. Maybe,
>we think that this question is not important.


The stick I see is about one metre in length about 4-5cms in width, like a
schoolmasters cane;-( The "male" stick is twirled in a softer "female"
piece of wood, around which is tinder for ignition. Powder is produced, it
smoulders and then ignites with some 'gentle breezes'. As to which end of
the human artifice the gentle gust doth blow we are left only to imagine.
I personally suspect the more "polite" end since often fire is made in a
family group and serious explosions could be dangerous if they are in
happening in close proximity;-).

Hope this helps. All information from Prof. P.V.Tobias

Best wishes,



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