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Date: 09/06/00

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My name is Mike Korf and I am with a company called ASPLearning . We have developed an anytime, anywhere, distance
learning product with a strong back office instructional management system
which is focused on regulated industries.

The companies we have been working with realize that Accreditation or
Certification Failure increases exposure to regulatory agencies and
inevitably lost revenues. Our system allows a training manager to take
control of the SCIAV process as outlined below.

Standards: Establishing the content, processes, and thinking skills that
the educational organization wants employees to master. This often
includes compliance, regulatory or certification requirements of a
governing organization.

Curriculum: Planning and organizing the learning experiences that enable
employees to meet standards.

Instruction: Delivering the learning experiences specified in curriculum
through the creativity and skill of dedicated trainers as well as engaging
online training programs.

Assessment: Determining to what extent instruction has enabled employees
to learn the skills and knowledge specified in the standards.

Validation: Analyzing the extent to which the instructional process
produces employees who are successful and high achievers as well as meet
the requirements specified in the standards so that they can better
perform their job in a safe and efficient manner.

In short, ASPLearning facilitates the collaborative development, delivery
and validation of corporate training and assessment in classroom and
online settings while maximizing overall training effectiveness. Our
approach ensures the archiving and retrieval of corporate knowledge to
meet and exceed industry standards thereby driving educational

I am interested in understanding what your thoughts are on training in
regulated industries. Is the trend increasing in training being delivered
on-line ? Are violations of industry standards related to training
increasing ? Any ideas on the overall industry costs associated with
in-sufficient or improper training and resultant failures to meet
regulatory standards ?

Any help would be appreciated.

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