A Story about Paper LO25343

From: John Zavacki (jzavacki@greenapple.com)
Date: 09/17/00

Replying to LO25327 --

Andrew asks:

> Well, I ask you, what are we building here and where is
> "here" to and for
> you today?

If I could answer that question, Andrew, I would be quite impressed with
myself. As it is, I'm quite impressed with the question. I know the
answer is not "42" or even "43", although the question of life the
universe and everything is always on my mind, even moreseo than the Willie
Nelson song.

"Here" for me is the eternal now. I am "here" where I am doing what I am
doing, writing to you and to all of the other learners in our community.
Later, it will be the Columbus art museum and the COSI (science museum)
looking at others' images of the reality within and without. I am
building my own future, by learning today, by planning to learn tomorrow.
For me, the team learning today is with my family, and tomorrow, with a
factory in Arkansas, and next week with a group of executives in Dallas,
but always now, and only now. Without the learning loops without the
thinking loops, there are no questions like "what are we building and
where is 'here' to and for you today"

John F. Zavacki
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        "The vocation of every man and woman is to serve other people."

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