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From: Alternative Energy (ecospirit@mail.com)
Date: 09/17/00

Dear co-learners,

I had earlier cross-posted some info from Denham Grey to a Learning
communities listserv. http://www.egroups/group/LearningCommunities.com

(Hope that's ok Denham, since you did ask for feedback, so I presumed
wider distribution would be preferable.)

The initiator of the list Bill Ellis has extensive experience in
alternative and cooperative learning, deschooling, homeschooling, etc (he
has also been a guest lecturer at the E.F. Schumacher College in the UK,
for those who may know of it). Below, Bill has proposed an idea below that
perhaps someone (or several people) from Learning-Org would be interested
in following up. He suggests an article for the online book on Creating
Learning Communities (Part 2), which may later be published. The first
bulk of the online book has already been a co-operative project and has
been printed into hard copy and is now being sold and distributed
worldwide via members, contributors, and also Amazon.com.

It may be a wonderful opportunity to get the ideas of organizational
learning to a wider audience and also for LO to be included and showcased
within a broader spectrum of reference materials, under the umbrella topic
of Education and/or Learning.

See what you think!

well wishes
lana choi

Here's Bill's message:

>This extensive network on "organizational learning" has a lot in common.
>Their emphasis seems to be on businesses as learning organization (LO).
>I'd think a "New Chapter" on the conepts might be an interesting addtion
>to our online book. If it could be written with out the jargon of the
>discipline. Should we explore that?
>From: Lana Choi
> Thought link below seems to capture some of the flavour of what learning
> communities may need to be aware of in order to keep flourishing and
> generating and dialoguing.
> lana
> From: Denham Grey <dgrey@iquest.net>
> Wish to invite LO participants to comment, anneal
> and critique my gatherings:
> <http://www.voght.com/cgi-bin/pywiki?DlPrinciples>
> What do you believe are the key principles that
> enable learning??


Alternative Energy <ecospirit@mail.com>

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