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Date: 09/27/00

Dear At,

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Firstly, this "universal order relationship for free energy" tells us that
the free energy F is NOT CONSERVED like the total energy E, NOR MAXIMISED
like the entropy S. It is as if the free energy F is behaving in a manner
opposite to entropy S. The free energy F of the universe is decreasing
continuously as the universe is becoming more organised. In fact, we will use
the very expression
. /_\F(sy) + /_\F(su) < 0
taken together into
. /_\F(un) < 0
as our very principal definition for the SPONTANEOUS organising of
the universe UN. I must stress that for me it is NOT a definition for
the "apartheid" of the universe UN. In other words, I am not preaching
"apartheid" here. I have merely avoided bringing the Creator of the
universe into the picture so as not to cause difficulties for people
who believe or do not believe in God Creator.
--- End of Quote of At's msg ---

And if I take this away with me to my retreat;-) and I rub my mind and
spirit against it, will there be remaining any purpose in me returning to
the 'telling what i found there, here or anywhere"?

Andrew Campbell


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