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From: Winfried Dressler (
Date: 09/28/00

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Harriett J. Robles asks:

>I am getting ready to do some research on non-western leadership theories
>and thought this group might be one place to start. Would any of you have
>suggestions as to authors I might begin with?

Dear Harriett,

'research on theories' sounds so much 'western' to me, that I am wondering
how much 'non-western leadership' such research may capture.

So I assume - please correct me - that 'getting ready' mean that you feel
restricted by what you know as western leadership theories and that you
wish to open up to a greater variety of ideas on leadership, so that you
may learn more deeply what this thing 'leadership' may be. If so, I would
assume further that your experiences and thus your inner more or less
tacit knowledge on leadership is exceeding in complexity what has been
articulated and come to know to you as 'western leadership theories'.

Then I would suggest the following: Try to articulate for yourself by
comparing the theories you know with the experiences you have what is
missing in the theories. Then you may start to search all walks of life
and science for awareness of what you are looking for. When you feel
sufficiently sure about your findings, you may wish to enrich the existing
leadership theories with what you have found.

Liebe Gruesse,



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