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Date: 09/29/00

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"Winfried Dressler" <> wrote:

> Harriett J. Robles asks:
> >I am getting ready to do some research on non-western leadership theories
> >and thought this group might be one place to start. Would any of you have
> >suggestions as to authors I might begin with?

> Then I would suggest the following: Try to articulate for yourself by
> comparing the theories you know with the experiences you have what is
> missing in the theories. Then you may start to search all walks of life
> and science for awareness of what you are looking for. When you feel
> sufficiently sure about your findings, you may wish to enrich the existing
> leadership theories with what you have found.

I was getting ready to reply to you, Harriet, when I saw Winfried's
response, and I really like his suggestion. I also saw Doc's, and that
expanded my imagination.

If you're like me, you may combine reading with reflecting. One author
I've found thought-provoking if still Western is Rupert Lay. Coming from
a European Jesuit perspective, his ideas were different enough from my
everyday experience in US business to be quite thought-provoking. If you
search on the Web, you should be able to find a number of his essays.


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