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From: Sajeela M ramsey (sajeelacore@juno.com)
Date: 09/15/00

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Dearest Winfried and co-learners,

A reflective time warp between when this message came to me and my reply
that I just now am getting to:

On Thu, 31 Aug 2000 02:21:07 +0200 "Winfried Deijmann"
<deijmann@dialoog.net> writes:

> Hi Sajeela,
> If you are interested in another approach of the artifices of
> linguistic structures this contribution will interest you.
> A spoken language contains more spirit, then a written language,
> and a written language contains more 'spirit' than typed
> language.
> What is the connection to organizational learning?
> My background is in the arts, more specific in Eurythmy. I have
> studied the connection between movement and language for five
> years at the Academy voor Eurythmie in The Hague - Holland in the
> late seventies. I am practicing eurythmy for more than twenty
> years and a lot of my organizational - and Human Resource
> concepts are strongly related to this eurythmy.
> What is Eurythmy?
> Eurythmy translates the sounds, phrases, and rhythms of speech
> into movement and gesture. The result has been described as
> "visible speech," or "visible song." It could be called the
> language of the soul visualized in terms of movement.
> In the Art of Eurythmy the laws of movement are recognized and
> transcended, by letting sounds speak for themselves. Through
> these observations a kind of notationsystem of gestures was
> developed for each vowel ( A, E, I, O, U) and consonant ( B, C,
> D, F, G, H, etc.). This means that every sound has its own
> specific gesture (movement).
> In fact, through Eurythmy, a deeper understanding of languages,
> regions, cultures, organizations and the physical, psychological
> and spiritual being of human beings can be developed.

Eurythmy!!!! I had forgotten all about it! So thank you for reminding me.
in fact, at the conference I attended on that spurred my original
communication, the person i most connected with is a gentleman who "signs"
for the deaf. Eurythmy seems like it is based on a similar idea as
signing. I shall have to do a comparison between these. definitely very
useful for my research Winfried. many many thanks to you and a cyber-hug
as well!

Exquisite early fall light dappling the walls of my room,

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