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Date: 09/29/00

Replying to LO25379 --

> I am getting ready to do some research on non-western leadership
> theories
> and thought this group might be one place to start. Would any of you
> have
> suggestions as to authors I might begin with?

Hi Harriet,

The Dutch professor Bernard Lievegoed has written a couple of books on
organizational Development and human biography. I know there are some
titles translated in English (see below). The interesting fact of this
person is that he was born and raised in Indonesia and a lot of this/his
Asian cultural background has influenced his writings.

1. Phases : The Spiritual Rhythms of Adult Life
by Bernard Lievegoed, H. S. Lake (Translator). Paperback
(February 1998)

2. Phases of Childhood
by Bernard Lievegoed, et al. Paperback (October 1997)

On Order/Not Yet Published
3. The Battle for the Soul
by Bernard Lievegoed. Paperback (June 1996)

4. Mystery Streams in Europe and the New Mysteries
by B.C.J. Lievegoed. Paperback (June 1982)

5. The developing organization
by B. C. J. Lievegoed.

6. The eye of the needle : Bernard Lievegoed, his life and
working encounter with Anthroposophy : an interview with Jelle
van der Meulen
by B. C. J. Lievegoed.

7. Managing the Developing Organization (Developmental Management
by Bernard Lievegoed.

You can order most of them through

Hope this helps you on your way.

Warm greetings


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