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From: Sandra Wells (swells2@austin.rr.com)
Date: 10/15/00

Replying to LO25450 --


You might also examine how one learns about feedback--I think most folks
don't know how to give/receive and the regular ol' communication classes
on this don't seem to really do it. . . . earliest recollections of
receiving and then action taken (double loop) or expectations that others
will do something with the feedback that is given and what happens when
they don't. . . other interesting thoughts.

I think as small as you can frame the research question, the better. I
thought of solving the world's problems (heh, heh) and then got some of
the best coaching ever--keep it simple, manageable, and you'll be
surprised how enormous it will really be once you get into lit review,


> one area that I've found only limited success in obtaining information
> about (with regards to LO's, organizational systems, etc.), concerns
> feedback.
> Feedback is a fundamental part of a viable system; learning seems to
> depend on feedback...so, what feedback methodologies are working in
> effective LO's?


"Sandra Wells" <swells2@austin.rr.com>

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