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From: Roger Key (roger.key@onet.co.uk)
Date: 10/17/00

Replying to LO25472 --

HI All, Hi Winfried

>I wished the future could be anything I want it to be. But for none of the
>options will prevent me from dying, maybe I can learn to imagine then that
>I have had the brightest life I could ever wish for in the past?
>Hmm. ;-)

What is dying? Is it a ceasation of your work? Well Darwin and Plato
and... are all great yet their work continues. Maybe they do not modify
it by we can look at any field of study and see the impact of long gone
peoples. So our ideas do not die. Well the meat of us dies then. What
is the flesh? it is an expression of the DNA and the environment. We
pass out DNA to our children and we impact our environment by being here -
which is pretty much part 1. But our children carry our DNA, our children
are us. We do not die, we just continue in a different manner.

Pirsig in "Lila" suggests that in evolutionary terms, and I think from a
systems view, the individual is a lower form of evolution to society and
that society is in turn lower than intelect. Each of these being an
emergent property of the former.

You have any past you desire. The past that does not allow life is one
that limits life to a narrow definition that you / I currently hold. Does
the same hold true for a Bhuddist (I am guessing that you are not
bhuddist). Or do Richard Bach and Leslie Parrish (if they are still
together?) not have the undying future that they explore in "The Bridge
Across FOrever" or the unlimited futures that he expolores in Johnathan
Livingstone Seagull?

So he may be wrong, bhuddists may be wrong, Christians may be wrong. It
may al end on that final breath, but at that piint you are beyond careing.
Your future CAN be anything you wish - just hold onto the dream until you
are past careing. And your immortality will be assured through your
children - either through the DNA they carry or the love and understanding
they have learnt from you and take on to future generations. There they
do not even need to be your biological children for you to be immortal.

"It take a whole village to raise a child". and through that child the
whole village is immortal.

"The biggest crime in the universe is limiting the IS...."



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