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From: Barry Mallis (
Date: 10/19/00

Replying to LO25479 --


Thank you so much for writing your thoughts down as you did. They inspired
me. They were vivid. I dedicate this reply to your energies, to agape.

Upper Ausable Lake

They are away with their 9 year-old,
my sometime neighbors, David and Astrid, on North
Haven. Here I leaf through you, settling a bit longer
into their moored guideboat, oarless,
beside the gray green pier.

On the steep and far east shore,
nightmare vapors flee into themselves again
and again, like bats circling back to the Cave.
>From each eye a tear unwinds, drawn out
by staring after this vanished flight.

In the dawn autumn equinox, by the deep end,
my lake is still, now a sheet of orange, red and intense
blue. I am what it is
like, mirror, the edge of resolve shifting on a caned seat,
glass ripples, you, tethered to my eyes.

Best regards,

Barry mallis


Barry Mallis <>

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