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Date: 10/19/00

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A good source of information on very practical applications of knowledge
generated by a learning organization is the Center for Quality of
Management in Cambridge, Massachusetts, URL

Senge has called the CQM one of the best learning organizations he knows
of, because members of this consortium of organizations share best
practices through societal networking, have member company employees act
as learning facilitators after they implement various tools in their own
organizations, and because the curriculum is dynamic, just as Total
Quality Management is dynamic.

I have been most fortunate for the last decade or so, because of a close
connection to the CQM, whose chapters are found in several U.S. cities,
and in Germany, Ireland and Finland. The most recent work, initiated and
fleshed out by study groups comprising people from manufacturing and
service organizations, academe and consultants, consists of a program of
four, two-day modules. The program is entitled Mastering Business
Complexity (MBC).

This program provides hands-on tools for you and me to help deal with the
compression of decision making windows when opportunities (problem set
solutions as well as new process and opportunities) proliferate,
organizations grow more integrated (with cross functional matrices), and
the problems themselves demand a greater breadth of vision. How does one
separate the signal from the noise in the business environment, for

The MBC program developed and delivered by the Center for Quality of
Management leverages the Enterprise Model, and uses some variations on
developed themes. CEO's and other top managers from companies in the
American Northeast and Midwest are very excited about the immediate
applicability of the methods, which bring clarity to organizational
development and practices that heretofore they could not achieve.

May I suggest you visit the web site. The executive director of the CQM is
Gary Burchill, and the Education Director is Steve LaPierre
( They may be able to answer any questions which I

Best regards, and good luck,

Barry Mallis
The Organizational Trainer
110 Arch St., Suite 27
Keene, NH 03431


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