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Call for Presenters

"Project Teams: Collective Genius for Performance Excellence"
Center for the Study of Work Teams
June 25-27, 2001 - Four Seasons Hotel - Austin, Texas

The 3rd annual specialty conference is designed for technical specialists
and business professionals working in organizations and industries where
speed, creativity and innovation are required for competitive advantage -
whether they are producing products, delivering services, developing
products or transforming the organization. Companies that succeed in this
fast-paced and changing business environment prepare people to work
effectively in project teams that are often cross functional with members
who are electronically linked. Successful project teams perform faster,
cheaper and better.

The conference committee will be accepting proposals from leading
companies using project teams to address topics within one of the
following five areas that make project teams and project-based
organizations successful:

Knowledge Sharing
Creativity and Innovation
Organizing Structures and Business Processes
Responding to a Changing Business Environment
Leadership of Project Teams/Organizations

For details on submitting a proposal to present, please reply to
this email and you will be sent detailed information. If you have
questions regarding the program, please contact Kathy Belcher
at (940) 565-2177.

Submission Deadline:
Proposals must be received no later than November 25, 2000
by completing the proposal outline and returning via E-mail to
belcher@ or Fax to (940) 565-4806.

If you care to read on, following is a little more information
about the conference:

Conference Topics include:

Track 1: Knowledge Sharing
Creating an environment for knowledge sharing
Sharing of knowledge through mentoring and coaching
Transfer of knowledge
Cultural knowledge
Communities of Practice
Building intellectual capital
Fast-start-up communication requirements
With those from different disciplines/cultures
With innovative technologies
Better communication (inter/intra projects)

Track 2: Creativity and Innovation
Creating an environment for creativity and innovation
Front-end innovation - greatest weakness in innovation process
Capitalize on diverse multiple perspectives
Tools and techniques for enhancing creativity in teams
Capturing ideas when geographically dispersed

Track 3: Organizing Structures & Business Processes
Managing project teams as performing units
Managerial authority
Link to internal and external customers
Identifiable output and objectives
Resource availability
Working collaboratively
Decision making
Goal setting
Communication with or without technology
Meeting management
Meeting customer requirements
Project management
Development and use of Team Competencies Matrix
Team Personality Factors
Social factors to support effective and efficient project
Techniques to determine personality fit in environment
Supportive Organizational Systems ^÷ organizational factors that
support effective and efficient project team/organization
Designing ^÷ including size of teams
Fast start-up teams ^÷ organizing teams for speed to reach
performing level
Accelerating the formation of project teams and team maturity
Creating climate/culture/environment for project team success
Empowerment of project teams
Management Support
Rewards and recognition
Project team roles
Selection of project team members
Performance management of project teams
Ending project teams and learning from successes/failures

Track 4: Responding to a Changing Business Environment
Adaptability ^÷ tolerance for ambiguity
Fast start-up/velocity/speed
Change management skills for team members
Resistance to change/Dealing with change
Stress management
Interpersonal issues - conflict resolution
Strategic Leadership for organizational change
Forecasting business environmental change
Mergers and acquisitions

Track 5: Leadership of Project Teams/Organizations
Strategic leadership (across boundaries)
Managerial authority
Acquiring and using ^”borrowed resources" in a matrix
Characteristics & competencies of an effective team leader
Creating/maintaining a supportive organizational culture and
support systems
Leadership across boundaries, including a matrix organization
Ability for project manager to influence without authority
How to facilitate the project team rapidly through the forming,
storming, norming, performing, adjourning phases
Managing conflict and risk taking
Project management strategies
Conference attendees will include:
Engineers, business professionals, technical specialists, R&D,
product development teams, knowledge workers, consultants,
cross-functional team members, project team members and
managers, project designers, virtual team members, quality
improvement members and managers, H.R. managers, OD
managers, steering teams, ERP, team leaders, leaders of
partnerships, technology teams, support teams, scientists,
emergency response teams, software engineers, account
managers, facilitators, functional leaders, manufacturing,
purchasing, operations, education

Industries represented at the conference will be:
Knowledge-based organizations, computer hardware &
software, internet, pharmaceutical, banking, accounting, financial
services, manufacturing/production, consulting, aerospace,
construction, telecommunications, marketing & sales, real estate
development, government, non-profits, biotechnology/science,
information technology, defense and advanced materials

Conference Sessions include:
90-minute individual presentations ^÷ Showcasing leading
companies from project-based organizations. May share tools
and techniques and other significant processes. Audience
interaction is preferable to lecture only.
3- hour interactive workshops ^÷ Highly interactive ^”hands-on^‘
approach that provides opportunity to experience tools,
techniques and activities to develop skills and knowledge to be
used with project teams in the workplace.
Expert Keynote presentations on Monday and Wednesday

Benefits of Presenting:
Individual, team and organization recognition
Opportunity to learn from others and share your processes with
others from knowledge-based, project-based organizations
Complimentary conference registration for up to two presenters
per accepted proposal (Regular conference registration fee is
$995.) Limited travel funds are available for 3 hour workshops.

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