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From: Pixie Delite (
Date: 10/21/00

Replying to LO25206 --

Its been a while since I have written and even this is late. Have been
busy with my thesis.

Even though Jo asked for info on "reminiscent learning" from proper
sources I thought I'd put in my 2 cents worth. The 25 year old speaks
again - more like waffles again!

Jo apart from all research done, one thing I have believed with all my
heart about learning intrinsically is that one should always turn to ones
own life for examples. What one lives and learns has to be far greater
than any proof that an empirical or otherwise research done by another at
a different time, and situation can.

Thus for reminiscent learning - look to your life or the ones immediately
around you. To live is to learn and to learn is to live for me. If one
cannot learn from the immdeiate here and now, one can truely never learn.
One can only embibe, read or take in...but not learn. re-inventing the
wheel is perhaps important contrary to usual belief. The know how is
passed on but we all do re-invent the wheels of thought, pratice and
action each human making mistakes in known patterns of behaviour. Mind you
there's nothing wrong with that!

Anyhow, drifted i think he he. Thats me!

About reminiscent learning - i can give you a few examples from my life. I
dreamt about riding a bike every night as a kid (1-3) - a bike with no
support wheels. I dreamt and practiced in my dreams - every move every
inch. I had never touched a bike before. No one told me how. Then when i
was 4ish i got a bike for a prezzie - a BMX large one for my size....first
day i told my folks to get wheels off - i was no sissy kid and wanted to
be proper - thats what i said!! I rode and rode and i have never fallen
off a bike because i had enough practice just thinking about it. i drove
it to perfection knowing how to get off, how to break everything without
someone telling me.

another example - by 10 i wanted to drive a car. so there began the
dreaming again. day and night. practicing. no one told me - just observing
dad drive but not knowing what he was doing with gears etc. pratice
practice practice. At 11 i drove my first car and moped. No damages done
no mistake made. I knew exactly when the engine purred for a gear change
etc. I had practiced in my dreams and taught myself how to drive!

there are atleast another 20 examples out of my life alone!

thus i have lived what i believe out of learning. The greatest research
and most validated plot you can find out there is learning from the self.
It is one research no one can shred to pieces because you lived it!

Don't know how all this helps but like i said i felt like reflecting over
what i read.

Joy Vatsyayann
Bsc Phys.(Hons)(III), BSc Biology (Genetics Major),
PGDip. Management Systems, Masters in Management Systems (current)
Waikato Unveristy
New Zealand

"Engtech Industries Inc." wrote:

> I am looking for any information on "reminiscent learning." The only
> information I have is that a study was supposedly done on basketball
> players. The players were said to be divided into three groups: the first
> group were told to stand in front of the net and repeatedly shoot baskets;
> the second group were told to go sit at home and relax while reminiscing
> about how they successfully made their shots fall into the net - over and
> over again; the third group was to just carry on with whatever they wanted
> to do (excluding basketball). The outcome suggests that the "reminiscent"
> group faired almost as well as the group that practiced.


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