Experiences to Knowledge and Experiments to Science LO25503

From: Barry Mallis (theorgtrainer@earthlink.net)
Date: 10/21/00

Replying to LO25501 --

Thanks, Doc, for your re-telling of the now legendary elephant tale.

You know, I am that person who is bewildered by much of the interchange on
this list nowadays. Truth be told, I am a dabbler in ideas, with neither
intention nor ability to fathom equations translating the process of
existence into symbols.

It's wonderful, though, how parables and myths strike a chord in most all
humans. Thank goodness for elephants, no? Even someone such as I can glean
some grains to mill, to mix, to knead, to bake. I suppose I'm too
practical, too desirous of applying knowledge, that my patience is
insufficient to even to try to grasp some of the materials presented here
about learning organizations.

And yet...and yet, I know I am a part of a learning organization
extraordinaire in the circle of companies, consultants, teachers, workers,
friends with whom I exchange practices and experiences. I'm so happy, for
instance, to facilitate a problem-solving team; or lead some consensus
exercise among a group of friends considering a community project. It's
the kind of thing that so many of the people on this list do for a living,
I believe.

Rumi also wrote:

Out of myself, but wanting to go
beyond that, wanting what I see

in your eyes, not power, but to
kiss the ground with the dawn

breeze for company, wearing white
pilgrim cloth. I have a certain

knowing. Now I want sight.

Warm regards from the magnificent, foliaged hills of southern New
Barry Mallis


Barry Mallis <theorgtrainer@earthlink.net>

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