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From: Mark W. McElroy (
Date: 10/26/00

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Pixie Delite wrote:

> it still hurts. it hurts deep. all i wanted was to learn and yet the guy
> who did his minimal and spent the other hour licking the professors ass
> got the job during graduate recruitment at places like KPMG, PWC etc. and
> i got rejected by all.
> It hurts. all i wanted to do was learn.
> Joy Vatsyayann

Joy, don't despair. I spent several years at PWC and was a partner at
KPMG and I can tell you that from what I read of your postings to this
list, I'd hire you in a heartbeat. Your independent thinking and your
contrarian, exuberant style are your strengths. Do yourself a favor and
skip the Big 5. You're too good for them.


Mark W. McElroy


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