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From: Bill Hancy (
Date: 10/26/00

Replying to LO25519 --

Dear At,

I read with great interest your response to John Zavacki's question about
organizations manifesting change by manifesting change. There is a part
of your response; however, that I don't understand:

>The last possibility we will have to bear in mind is
>. {input-constant} ----> [system] ---->{output-change}
>In other words, can a system begin to output changes when it is
>subjected to constant inputs from a constant environment? Yes, but
>it involves a "creative collapse" (a compassionate, yet carefully
>controlled, deconstruction).

Could you please elaborate on, and possibly give an example of, "creative
collapse?" Is it like {water} in a [river] where the {flow} is constantly

Warmest regards,


Bill Hancy
Student, Johns Hopkins Fellows in the Management of Change
Johns Hopkins University
Columbia, Maryland USA

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