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From: Ray E. Harrell (mcore@IDT.NET)
Date: 11/06/00

Replying to LO25583 --

Thanks Jan,

good to hear from you as well. I tend to think of the issue beyond a
duality. The opposite of monochronic is only polychronic in language but
there are many multiples. The opposite of linear is non-linear but
non-linear often breaks down into multi-linear. The issue is to be able
to imagine a reality that includes all and that all are appropriate to
their own universe.

Perspective is one of the component parts of reality.
Far from being a disturbance of its fabric, it is its
organizing element....Every life is a point of view
directed upon the universe. Strictly speaking, what
one sees, no other can....Reality happens to be,
like a landscape, possessed of an infinite number
of perspectives, all equally veracious and authentic.
The sole false perspective is that which claims to be
the only one there is.
--Alfred North Whitehead, The Modern Theme

I like Whitehead. His name is great and seems almost fictional in that he
embodies many of the transcendent elements of Western thought in his
writings. I often think that Whitehead and Russell are very good
introductions to non-Western thought from a Western perspective of course.
Thanks for the recommendation. I will look it up.

Ray Evans Harrell

Jan Lelie wrote:

> Hello Ray,
> So nice to read from you again. Thank you.
> Being a western in training and culture and working with groups, i found
> the same issues. ...


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