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Date: 11/13/00

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Dear Organlearners,

Judy Tal <> writes:

>In history books, A. N. Whitehead will be remembered
>rather for his collaboration to the Principia Matematica
>(a masterpiece of that time in Western thought), than
>for his following remark:
>"It is no paradox to say that in our most theoretical
>moods we may be nearest to our most practical
>application." A. N. W.

Greetings Judy,

Then we will just have to write different mental history books ;-)

I have studied ANW intensely and my respect for him as a deep thinker grew
study after study. He was not only a leader in the mathematical world, but
eventually became also the most outstanding leader of his time in the
academical world at large. He is a practical example of leadership. Many
of his wise practical sayings are actually profound insights into
leadership as such.

With care and best wishes,


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