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Date: 11/13/00

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Dear Organlearners,

Andrew Campbell < > writes:

>I thought back to the events of earlier this year
>when there were expressions (sic) of discontent,
>I waited in vain then for open dialogue, I waited to
>see the people who were obviously so articulate,
>caring for the good of the greater whole and silently
>vociferous off-list to bring their treasures to the table
>that both invited and yet divides by it's very nature,

Greetings dear Andrew,

Patience, my friend, it is patience which you and I and possible some
others lack.

Some twelve years ago a dear old lady of more than 80 years old and a
Christian friend said to me: "There is only question which I need to ask
you At -- Who is impatient, God Love or the devil who hates?"

>Who apart from you and I and maybe a few interested
>others here know of that Scarlet Pimpernel's clandestine
>double-entendre? Who else knows what lengths he will
>go to make his very credulous pointy points...

Only those who know that illusions bar us from seeing all the other
manifestations of life.

>I am not so credulous as to think this evening that
>spontaneity here is just that.

Andrew, when I began to paint a "Humpty Dumpty" for myself on the
sponataneity of a precious desert plant like "Adenia pecuellii", it took
me almost two decades to do so satisfactorily. The complexity of
spontaneity does definitely not take a couple of readings through some
minor "Humpty Dumpty" like mine to understand it. It takes years of
peristent questioning.

>No siree! Like the great American Democratic
>machine, it ain't all what it appears to be.

Pehaps the tacit knowledge of the Founding Fathers gained through profound
experiences is far more than what people will now willingly admit.

Many weeks before the actual election of the US president, as soon as the
convergence of the Bush-Gore graphs of polls became evident, I said to
myself "Now is this not a nice 'rheostasis' beginning to show itself?" As
time ticked on, the lack of any flow of votes to any one of the several
candidates (and not merely Bush and Gore) began to interest me very much.
I said to myself, what will the Americans do when they find themselves
fixed into a rheostasic labile equilibrium?

It is a pitty that I do not know enough of the American constitution. I
forgot completely that there is also an Electoral College (EC) involved
and that the it is actually the EC which elects the president. Now, either
as a result of blind luck (serendipity) or as a result of deep insight,
the some 500 Electoral Votes (EV) of the EC is the complementary dual of
the Popular Votes (PV) of the nation. Wheras the PV is extensive, the EV
is intensive. In other words, should we mentally scale (divide or double)
the American nation, the total number of PVs get scaled while the total
number of EVs stays invariant.

I should have forseen that not only would /_\PV = 0, but also that we may
get [EV(Bush) - EV(Gore)] = 0. Should either only /_\PV = 0 we would have
a rheostasis, or should only [EV(Bush) - EV(Gore)] = 0 we would have a
homeostasis. Thus we would have two possibilities of a labile equilibrium
for voting. But should both /_\PV and [EV(Bush) - EV(Gore)] = 0 we would
have a stabile rather than a labile equilbrium. This stable equilbrium is
reflected in the unprecedented power of the US$ over other currencies, our
own tiny Siuth African currency and the newly and seemingly mighty EC
currency also going down the drain at an unprecedented rate as a result of

Now how is it possible for the world's only "super power" to end up in
such a stable equilibrium? Well, the US got itself stranded upon a
paradigmatic minimum in free energy (local high peak of sustainability in
CAS theory). It will have to escape that paradigmatic-local "well" so as
to meander once again to an even a lower minimum. It will have to make a
"creative collapse" so as to propel itself out of that "well".

Actually I am thinking here in terms of my own mother tongue Afrikaans
which has the word "kuil" to describe a deep pit in a flowing river. Once
a body gets sucked down into that "kuil", it may stay submerged at the
bottom, pulled down by vortex forces, until it breaks up so that tiny
parts of it will emerge from time to time. The enigmatic writer Eugene
Marais which I wrote several times about, composed a profound poem called
"Diep Rivier" -- "Deep River", telling us about even this dark underground
of a river which seems to flow peacefully otherwise.

It will now be important to see which of the political parties in the US
first realise intuitively that staying down too long down at the bottom of
the "kuil" would lead to suffocation and hence death. Trying legalistic
tricks or bending public opinion to trump the other party(s) will not be a
"creative collapse" at all since these behaviours reckons little, if any,
with the stark reality of a stable equilbrium. There is only one way to
escape a stable equilibrium and that is to open up what has never been
opened up before -- to make a "creatice collapse", to take head of at
least the essentiality openness ("open-paradigm").
>The American economy is a 'bubble fit to bust', so far
>as this economist understands it, it is overvalued by a
>factor of forty ..a bubble was never so ready to burst...
>when the people awake to what is really going on.
>( ...please back reference my last posting;-), as we in
>the UK have just done to the profiteering on the railways.
>Another minuscule movement shakes the very ground
>of an economy.

Dear Andrew, a minuscule movement may break a labile equilibrium like a
grain of sand rolling down the slope of a sand dune, the slope being
steeper than the Richter angle. But in the case of a stabile equilibrium
only an earth quacke or a violent wind storm will alter the stable form of
that sand dune. This I would not wish for the US, nor for any other
country since their economy is tightly connected to that of the US. The
only other possibility is a spontaneous self-(internal)-organisation -- to
stop acting like a sand dune which is a loose aggregate and rather begin
with making an internal web of bonds like in a rock.

>I have found too few 'free men' since joining this
>dialogue. I think they are there, on the edges,
>they have been and gone I know that, they have
>left testimony in their unique and irreversible ways.
>I wrote before and I write again more publicly this
>time, that I believe there is a close correspondence
>between such actions as writing publicly, in or out
>of spontaneity, irreversibility and death. Perhaps
>there is fruit there? I leave it hanging to be picked.
>So we are free. Are we? Free from what and free to
>what? Free from whom? I am starting to see how the
>'not so open as we believe' spaces, like western
>democracy, gets rigged, and in the storm the hanging
>begins apace. The inner fabric shears. We are, I
>sense, close to being undone. No wonder you treasure
>Love (Agape) beyond all measure.

Andrew, we all have to be patient for we all have to learn through our
failures when we cannot do better by learning about the seven
essentialities too.

The world forced upon the majority of whites in South Africa to end their
ruling ideology of apartheid. As I myself understand it, our country is
paying a price which I do not wish for any other country, not because of
apartheid so much as because of this forcing. To force the American system
out of its stable equilibrium rather than let the American people change
it because of some authentic learning will be most tragic to the world's
economy a couple of years from now. The Great Depression of the thirties
will be a picnic to what will become as a result of any non-spontaneous

I have pointed out to my wife and daugthers the body language of dejection
(dismay) in most of the top brass having to do with the election. I seek
eagerly every day for the body language of a true recovery rather than the
mimicking a healing. I do hope that such a recovery will happen soon. The
body languages will tell the truth.

With care and best wishes


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