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Date: 11/15/00

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Hello LeO'ers,

Leo Minnigh wrote:

> We often use the word 'orientation'. Orientation as a direction to go to,
> or a mirror to enable a look to ourselves.
> The word 'orientation' ha sit roots in the 16th century, when cartography
> started as a new science and maps and atlasses became popular for to the
> great public. These maps had the East on the upper side of the map, North
> was on the left side. The East, or 'orient' was the direction towhich the
> map was projected. And that is where the meaning of 'orientation' comes
> from.
> In the next centuries it became costum to project the North on top of
> maps.

I agree, however, my sixteenth century map - by Mercator - of Holland has
the West (Occidens) on the upper side. The East (Oriens) is on the lower

> If we project ourselves to the West, we could use the word
> 'occidentation'. If we like to project ourselves to other directions than
> the West, we may speak of 'anti-occidentation', of which orientation is
> only one of the many possibilities.

There is a clue here on the problem Western Non-western: the opposite of
Western is perhaps Non-western but not Anti-western. From a Western -
digital - perspective (true, yes) the Non-western perspective may be the
"anti"-perspective (untrue, no), while it may be one of many possibilities
(undecided, may be). The interesting position would be to claim
Non-western theories of leadership the opposite (anti) of western
theories: this would be typical western behaviour, were the opposites

Note: our maps are maps of a globe: every point is to the east and the
west of another point, depending on your choice of direction. The
important thing is to remember this when making a trip in 80 days around
the world: is it 80 days of a date 80 days from now?


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