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Date: 11/17/00

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Dear Jan,

> Hello LeO'ers,


(maybe a synonym for this salute could be 'lily's, or 'fleurs-de-lo's')

> There is a clue here on the problem Western Non-western: the opposite of
> Western is perhaps Non-western but not Anti-western. From a Western -
> digital - perspective (true, yes) the Non-western perspective may be the
> "anti"-perspective (untrue, no), while it may be one of many possibilities
> (undecided, may be). The interesting position would be to claim
> Non-western theories of leadership the opposite (anti) of western
> theories: this would be typical western behaviour, were the opposites
> exist.

Yes, you're right. My analogy was *Arctic* and *Ant-arctic*. We are
playing again with the boolean operators: AND, OR, NON.
My miss-use is partly due to my lack of a classical education - no latin,
no greek.

> Note: our maps are maps of a globe: every point is to the east and the
> west of another point, depending on your choice of direction. The
> important thing is to remember this when making a trip in 80 days around
> the world: is it 80 days of a date 80 days from now?
> --

(-: Is that an emergence (gaining a day), or an immergence (loosing a
day)? :-)
That is good to mention, since a lot of people seem to forget that we live
in 3D, not 2D (and *D* means *dimension*, not *day*). And travelling,
means 4D too.

Good travelling, don't forget down-under, or up-upper, the West and
non-west is everywhere (that is a matter of travelling long enough),

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