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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 11/17/00

Hi learners,

This lady and I know this bloke called Dave. I am calling him 'Dave of
Canterbury'. Dave has what formally (sic) would be called a 'menial' job.
That is not a problem for Dave me or Miriam because we have all done
menial jobs, lived in dank dungeons, been on the dole for years, had
friends who have been out of their minds on certain substances including
caustic working environments, not least (lack of) love, and are possibly
certifiably insane (ly in love with the whole) like dear old Vince(ent).

Dave is one of those people who seem, like angels, to dance around the
orbit of people like Miriam. Miriam is like a gravitational field without
any gravitas, a kind of qwark with a squwark. Anyhow, at the risk of
making the hitherto 'invisible visible' I want to both celebrate Dave of
Canterbury and nominate him for canonisation to St Dave of Canterbury.
Dave makes me think of that man, another Saint who spoke , " Hold fast
(to) the love of God. The inner man who is invisible to all mortal eyes is
the proper working place of the invisible God. The invisible man, who is a
stranger on earth, belongs to the invisible God." 'nough said vicar? Dave
believes in God a lot and other things too. Once in conversation with a
Bishop or a Achbishop he was staggered to learn how difficult it was for
the Bishop of Uganda -- or some other African country with a "U" -- in it
to get hold of seeds. I think the project involved young people in
learning...but maybe I just think that and it isn't true to the 'case'.
Anyhow, Dave set to in his mind, invisibly and blindly ;-) imagining as
best he could the situtation and how he could DO something. So he unseeded
hundreds and hundreds of seeds from tomatoes that he bought at Sainsbury
(like Walmart for American friends) and posted them to the Bishop in the
said country some time later. Well, after a while things blossomed and to
cut a long emergent story short he now, in his free time, at his own
expense exports seeds for free to 22 African destinations in over a dozen
countries ( I may have the figures a bit wrong). My life partner is in
Love with plants and the other day reflecting I came upon this, "- Help us
to be the always hopeful gardeners of the spirit who know that without
darkness nothing comes to birth. As without light nothing flowers." May;-)
Sarton, Journal of Solitude.

Mmmm. Blind leading the blind.

In my mailbox this morning...

>Hello darlin' (Miriam speaking)

>IT's past breakfast time - have you changed the world yet?

(we were in dialogue last night)

>A quick query .... on the basis that you have to know more about cars than I
>do, and nobody else I know knows anything about anything....

Plase don't give Miriam's seeming judge<>ment(al)ness a hard time fellow
LO'ers she devotes her life to supporting missionaries in the fields and
dopes on ropes like me;-)

>How worried should I be that when I started my car up last night, I couldn't
>get it into
>gear? It was fine when I last started it up about ten days ago, but last
>night the gear lever wouldn't even move, not into any gear let alone first,
>and made this really horrific noise when I tried reverse. Engine started
>fine and everything (what with its fast idler....) but no b****y gears!
>Even with my creative approach to driving I can't drive entirely without
>gears! But I can't see what can have gone that wrong in the space of ten
>days.... As you would say, :-(

>>expletives deleted (apologies to Richard Nixon) you are one lovely lady
Miriam. I will have a think about your gears but in the meantime stick >>your
arms out the window and flap like bl****y hell...I find it always works in a
crisis. Crisis, What crisis?Love,Andrew

>By the way, if you ever come across anything by a German theologian /
>preacher called Meister Eckhardt, read it. Good stuff. Non-sequiters
>abounding, so it must be meaningful. I've just read the first chapter of a
>book of sermons and treatises 2 1/2 times in succession and it is stormin'
>stuff! ALL about justice and joy being the state of remaining in God and
>vice versa, and the acts of the just man being the same as the act of God
>etc. Basically it seems to say that the way to change the world is to be
>happy, cos if you are genuinely happy then you are in God - ie free form
>yourself and everything else pretty much - and so you are doing the things
>that God has purposed for you to do. Or maybe that the way to change the
>world is to be in God, and then everybody will be happy! based on a bit of
>the Bible (Song of Songs ch. 5, I think) that says that the just man will
>So, if you haven't changed the world yet, maybe that is how you should go
>about it.
>Got to go,

I expect you all in as much as you have by now, this morning;-) made the
chosen connections to 'Rebecca' and my also my 'ahead' somewhat in
timespace mental meanderings have within you a sort of fleeting sense of
distance, a small fissure, between that which you had built as a vision in
your mind from the words and then the picture, more as it is, though never
as it is, just as 'never' as it may become?

Miriam. This IS all "stormin'" stuff. From little May in the Gambia to the
two giant and power 'grasping' politicians fighting like two spoiled "I
WANTS" (in the most profound sense) kids in a candy store, one of whom is
going to become the most powerful man in the world (sic). Just an idle act
of imagination... But imagine this...what if the recounts are all done and
the count comes down "even" except for the 'call' of one man. The greatest
democracy on earth is settled in leadership by one single person, who
would you entrust that vote to, ''Dave of Canterbury' gets my vote.

How many 'Daves of Canterbury' do we have here then. Mmmm. Perhaps the
'real learning work' is somewhere's else? The song I hear and see is a
whale song of wisdom. It's polyphonic. The sounds of ages accrued into a
superabundant Now. A 'super dense' sound, not a loose aggregate. I see the
vision of a diamond weeping. Starry, starry night.........Mmmmm.

Andrew Campbell



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