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From: AM de Lange (amdelange@gold.up.ac.za)
Date: 11/30/00

Replying to LO25678 --

Dear Organlearners,

Andrew Campbell < ACampnona@aol.com > writes:

>Dave is one of those people who seem, like angels,
>to dance around the orbit of people like Miriam.

Greetings Andrew,

Thank you for sharing Dave's life with us. What a person.

Perhaps Dave is an angel after all. Some four millenia many people were
deeply under the impression of of living with angels manifesting
themselves as humans. But only a few person's had the "inner eye" to spot
them as angels and not merely as humans.

>Once in conversation with a Bishop or a Achbishop he
>was staggered to learn how difficult it was for the Bishop
>of Uganda -- or some other African country with a "U" -- in
>it to get hold of seeds.

I think that this sentence needs some explaining. I would not be surprised
if many fellow learners thought "Wow, cant they even collect and put away
seeds for next years crop?"

What happens is actually tragic. They get seed from the first world
countries. But these seeds are genetically too much inbred and have too
little diversity. Sowing the seeds gives a fine crop the first year.
Taking seed from that crop and sowing it the second year, usually gives
less than avarage results. Taking seeds from that crop and sowing it the
third year, brings disaster. What pests do not destroy, are usually so
stunted that it cannot even be called food. I have observed it far too
many times to doubt what is going on. Thus these people need a fresh
supply of "highly cultivated" seed every couple of years.

Africa is not a country for "sissies". It even applies to the "sissy" seed
from abroad.

>Miriam. This IS all "stormin'" stuff. From little May
>in the Gambia to the two giant and power 'grasping'
>politicians fighting like two spoiled "I WANTS" (in the
>most profound sense) kids in a candy store, one of
>whom is going to become the most powerful man in
>the world (sic).

Dear Andrew, the more I observe these two persons and the armada of
lawyers accompanying each, the more I become convinced of an
extradordinary rheostasis manifesting itself in the US. It is for me as if
these two persons have become actors who gave to live up to some drama in
the sense of the timeless directive "The play must go on." I do hope that
the US people will manage to undo this rheostasis.

With care and best wishes


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