Encouraging Learning Organizations LO25704

From: Richard Karash (Richard@karash.com)
Date: 11/28/00

I was asked:

> I was wondering if you would answer one question for me if at
>all possible.
>What part do you believe the employee development specialist can
>play in encouraging an organisation to become a learning

Here is the reply I sent:

Yes, I think the Employee Development specialist can encourage a bit...
but their larger role is a) to be a model for living and working in this
manner and b) then to help the people and the organization as a whole if
and when they decide to give it a try.

LO cannot be sold... It can be encouraged and assisted, but if sold, it
turns to mush... The words become unintelligible to the sceptic buyer.
Furthermore, when you sell, you assume the sale, taking away the element
of choice from the buyer. This is antithetical to the LO ideals and will
corrupt the process.

Hope this is helpful.

   -=- Rick


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