Unexpected outcomes from Knowledge Management LO25705

From: יקותיאל צבע (YekutielT@molsa.gov.il)
Date: 11/29/00

Dear lo-learners

A KM project in social agencies I have launched a year and a half ago is
resulting in "unexpected outcomes". Originally, we "just" wanted to
collect tacit knowledge and to build a methodology for organizational
learning in Israeli social agencies. (see interim report in English at

http://www.leadersnet.co.il/communities/revacha2000/head/report_eng.htm .

We know now that we initiated a much deeper organizational change, from
bureaucratic, resources oriented, and low morale organizations to more
dynamic, outcomes oriented and open ones. Does it seem familiar to anyone?
I look forwards to your comments.

Yekoutiel Sabah
Head of Strategic Planning Division
Ministry of Labor and Social affairs



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