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From: Edward Gager (
Date: 11/30/00

Hello Training & HR Professionals,

Corporate University Xchange's Chief Learning Officer 2000 symposium &
expo (October 15-19, 2000, Scottsdale, AZ) was described in Thomas Weisel
Partners recent newsletter as "the mecca for learning and development
executives from corporations around the world." The hot, much talked
about topic amongst these executives at this event was e-learning.
Therefore, it was no surprise that one of the major event highlights was
Tom Kelly of Cisco System's talk, "On-line Training in the "Time to Market

Following is an excerpt from Thomas Weisel Partners newsletter, "Bright
I.D.E.A.s (Intellectual capital, Digital information & E*Learning
Analysis" which discusses the strong points of Tom Kelly's speech.

                        What do Tom Kelly and Cisco Systems know what you
don't? Here are some key take-away points from Tom Kelly's Speech.

* e*Learning solutions deliver 20-25% higher learning outcomes than
traditional "classroom" training programs.
* In order to be successful, online learning time needs to be
respected in the same way that classroom training is respected. Workers need
a block of quiet time to commit to effective online learning regime.
* e*Learning content development costs need to be figured into product
costs in the same way that packaging, shipping and marketing are included.
* "Content is King. Infrastructure is God."

This speech was described in the same newsletter as "a call to arms for
learning officers to either join the legions flocking to online corporate
learning programs, or risk being left behind in the static, high cost, low
impact classroom-centric model." So as not to be left behind, join
Corporate University Xchange at Designing a Virtual University: Strategies
for Enterprise-wide e-Learning conference & expo, February 4-7, 2001 in
San Francisco! This conference will feature best-practice models and
"how-to" sessions by leading practitioners in the field of e-learning!
Call 212.213.8650 or Visit for more information or to
REGISTER TODAY! Register by December 15 and take $200 registration fee!


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