Night Sky in Broad Day LO25853

Date: 01/09/01

Dear Dennis,

> 'Children at school should be vitalized, awakened, rendered appreciative
>of values and sensitive to truth." J.Smuts

I chose to share this with you Dennis. It is the simplest narrative I can
currently manage in the circumstances that surround.

December 2000.

They were alone in a room in more than one way, more than two and three
and four.... The only manifest 'bright thing' then was the sun beams
shining on the baby's face. They had come down from an old dark north
facing room I would not leave my dogs in. It was before Christmas and
'they' were a mother and child. The tallest living thing. Archetypal. She
said, "I would, but I cannot read."

I picked up the book and opened it at random and stepping with the finger
that represents 'the constructive way' eyes shared the journey over the
staccato forms shining black from the 'flying white' of the page, one word
followed another as surely as day follows night and I realised with an
illiterate;-) mother and illegitimate child ;-) what Arendt meant when she
spoke of 'dust bursting into flames', and spontaneously picking up the
child, whose head it seemed to me had become flattened and deformed
through neglect in the crib rose;-) through the bursting sunbeams lifted
and formed a living cruciform in my arms and flying there suspended she
smiled and outdid the sunlight itself-;) but still;-) I could not stop the
night even though a new 'squared' star shines in a circular heaven,
wheeling an orbit man made. What is more excellent that a child?



Last year someone who was running a course asked permission to reproduce
some things... what I had written;-)... for sharing with course delegates.
I said that 'love was my permission'. I just reached for the nearest book
and opened a page at random, it contained this on page 254. -"love is the
path to discipline through permission."


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