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From: Terje A. Tonsberg (tatonsberg@hotmail.com)
Date: 01/09/01


I've been a lurker on this list for a few months, but have never posted
anything. I have a few questions I thought perhaps you could help me

1. I want to do an OL topic for my master's thesis in education, but it
needs to be something value added for my employer (I am a Norwegian expat
working in the T&D department of a large middle eastern oil company and
need to spend some work time on the thesis). Does anybody have
suggestions for a topic?

2. I was thinking of doing an evaluation of OL in our department or in
the company through a survey or by other means. Any suggestions/comments?
If I was to develop a survey, what would be the methodology for developing
it? for using it? Also, I have a few examples of such surveys, but would
appreciate to receive information any of you might have on
published/available surveys for OL evaluation.

3. What would you consider synonyms to "Organizational Learning" or
"Learning Organizations"? Approximations will do fine. The reason I am
asking is that I am a orientalist and would like to try to explain these
terms in Arabic. Any suggestions for doing this is of course appreciated.
One way I am working on is to compare the way an organization learns to
the way an individual learns. A literal translation of the term "learning
organization" does not really work. The reply tends to be "you mean
organized learning"!

4. Does anybody know of anything published in Arabic about LO/OL?

Any information for any of these question from anyone would be
appreciated. I don't expect anybody to contribute to all of them given
their range.

Terje A. Tonsberg


"Terje A. Tonsberg" <tatonsberg@hotmail.com>

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