Emergence of learning-org LO25863

From: Richard Karash (Richard@karash.com)
Date: 01/11/01

If we start from the point of view that in complex adaptive systems, new
phenomena tend to emerge spontaneously, but there are usually small
elements of structure that greatly help the emergences.

Today I faced an interesting question: Something has emerged here on
learning-org... We have almost 2000 people who receive our distributions
every day, there are hundreds of messages each month, we are now numbering
our messages in the twenty-five-thousands.

Question: What is it that has facilitated the emergence of what has
occurred here?

Some of you will mention my role as host... I'll thank you in advance, but
please try to be specific. If you think that something I've done has
helped the emergence, please say what it is specifically.

The reason for my question: I am a Trustee of the Society for
Organizational Learning. We are examining our present and intended actions
to facilitate the emergence of a global community interested in learning
organiations. We are considering what are the small things we can do that
will facilitate the emergence of wonderful things from hundreds or
thousands of interested groups around the world.

Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

In summary:
 (1) What has enabled the emergence that has occurred here (learning-org)
 (2) What might SoL do to facilitate emergence of wonderful things around
the world concerning organizational learning?


  -=- Rick


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