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From: Swan, Steve R. SETA CONTR (SwanSR@ftknox5-emh3.army.mil)
Date: 01/12/01

Replying to LO25863 --


1) What has enabled the emergence that has occurred here (learning-org)?

What's occurred? Sound like a dumb question? You mention some interesting
facts...numbers of events (people joined....messages sent). But what has

2) What might SoL do to facilitate emergence of wonderful things (which is?)
around the world concerning organizational learning?

Well, maybe we should organize case studies, literature reviews, dialogue
groups around the cultural boundaries of entities (community colleges,
universities, financial organizations, service providers for the under
privileged, government agencies, armed services, etc.).

I'll have to think some more.

Stephen R. Swan
Training and Development Consultant
Home- 270.765.4202


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