Unlearning LO25894

From: Jeff Ack (whs_bulldog@yahoo.com)
Date: 01/15/01

I used to think that it is hard to forget something.
Boy was I wrong. I spent 2 years in highschool
learning Spanish. Now I am in Spanish 3 and have an
awful teacher. Thanks to her, I am unlearning
Spanish. You see, she prepares a lesson plan and
everyday comes into class and un-teaches us. We,
despite our best efforts, in turn unlearn Spanish.

Just a comment from a highschooler

[Host's Note: Jeff, very sorry to hear this! You can hang on to it, and
even make some progress in spite of the teacher... But, have you made your
parents and advisors aware of the situation? ..Rick]


Jeff Ack <whs_bulldog@yahoo.com>

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