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From: Leo Minnigh (l.d.minnigh@library.tudelft.nl)
Date: 01/16/01

Replying to LO25894 --

Dear Jeff,

Good to hear you, bad to hear what you said.

I sense that you want to learn Spanish. I have a suggestion.

Try to get the following small book: "O pequeno principo" written by
Antoine de Saint-Exupery. At first sight it looks somewhat childish, but
it certainly isn't.

Start reading it in spanish, there is a lot of dialogue in it, so I think
it is not too difficult. You will be surprised what is understandable.
Together with all the illustrations you could build a nice story for your
own. Maybe there are things you don't know, or don't understand. Please,
do not consult a dictionary, just read it, look at it and build your own

After a month buy a English copy of the book and discover how much you
know of the Spanish language.

And enjoy the story, because it contains so much wise lessons about bad
teachers and good teachers!

Be happy with what you know, it is more than you realise.

dr. Leo D. Minnigh
Library Technical University Delft
PO BOX 98, 2600 MG Delft, The Netherlands
Tel.: 31 15 2782226
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Leo Minnigh <l.d.minnigh@library.tudelft.nl>

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