meetwurm light and joy LO25900

Date: 01/16/01

Replying to LO25886 --

Dear At,

you wrote in Definitions and Learning. LO25886 by way of response to Jan,

>We actually have a little worm here in South Africa doing exactly as I
>pictured a photon is doing. We call it the "meetwurm" (measuring worm).
>It quickly strectches itself forward until it has reaches its "maximum
>linear" length. Then it grasps with its fore legs a firm place, loosens
>its grip by its back legs, and then slowly and quivering pulls in its
>body by making an arched shape to reach a "minimum linear" length. Half
>of its legs (the pullers) are right at the front and the other halve (the
>pushers) right at the back. Most of the rest of its long body has no
>legs. Were that little worm not manifesting what already happens on a
>much lower level of complexity in the photon? Is it not reminescent of
>the swinging of "entropy production" between the "edge of chaos" and the
>"valley of equilibrium"? I thought so and it made me self happy.

It made two selfs here very happy to meet up again with the 'meetwurm'.
Mmmmm!! Still letting go;-) with all our might ;-)




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