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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 01/18/01

Replying to LO25913

Dear At,
You write,

>I have just created a new English word with this "brewsel" by using it
>without any quotes. I hope you have followed my explanation how I have
>done it. Please let we hear about your own learnsels or even fightsels.
>Any other writesels or even a makesel such as a paintsel are also most
>welcome. This is how many Afrikaners in the deserts create their language
>with rules which are mere tacit knowledge to them and oblivious to most
>linguists. They create Afrikaans so fast that any lexicographer would
>throw hands up in the air -- "I give up". I wonder what will happen in
>the English speaking world when the same will happen. Selsels? (In
>Afrikaans we can also call a system="sisteem" a "stelsel" where the verb
>"stel"=set - -- hence in this novel English we may also use setsel for
>system. Yes, even fatsel can become a new word for fatware ;-) When
>considered as a picture and not a movie, my contribution is indeed a
>With care and best caresels,

I must now time travel back to 1971 and certain friends, Mrs Dorothy Eagle
and Mr Richard Burchfield at Oxford University Press, in the dictionary
rooms where they are discussing the merits of micro printing- the latest
thing, publishing massive books with tiny, tiny printed words and giving
away magnifying lenses away with them so that we can read them in such
confined space...too many words and not enough paper...and now i learn
that the O.U.P are putting the dictionaries 'online'..so maybe that is the
answer, in the UK they are going to make the dictionary 'alive' to new
word productions by opening it to the 'net'...heaven knows where this will
take you and Leo and friends in your lexicographical meanderings....


Experienmentor and creativiator (upwardly mobile creativator;-)



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