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From: demingtw (demingtw@ms17.hinet.net)
Date: 01/18/01

Replying to LO25913 --

Dear friends,

In order to 'sel' along with your 'word-watcher' and 'word-creator' and
with 'authenticity' like Lewis Thomas's ET CETERA, ET CETERA, please
kindly give us your 'sources' if possible.

To upgrade the list of 'sel' to look like UN, I like to share one story.
In Japanese and Chinese, we use two characters ' buy-sell' ( in Chinese,
in Japanese 'sell-buy')for 'business'.

One Japanese CEO of a MNC told me he 'appreciated' the Chinese people are
more 'profound' 'ones' with 'right' priority.

This is my 'gift' to LO list for coming Chinese New Year.

Happy Chinese New Year,

Hanching Chung


demingtw <demingtw@ms17.hinet.net>

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