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From: Fred Nickols (nickols@att.net)
Date: 01/18/01

Replying to AM de Lange in LO25901 --

At writes:

>I have now received also the other two books: "Science, Faith and Society"
>and "The Tacit Dimension". Thank very much again Fred!

You are welcome At. I can't recall the last time I ever hired a tutor so
inexpensively. :-)

>Fred wrote long ago that Michael Polanyi (MP) defined that tacit knowledge
>CANNOT be told.

I sure did and after reading this post earlier I'm beginning to regret it.
Polanyi's statement that "We can know more than we can tell" conveys
clearly the notion that there are some things we know that we cannot
articulate -- and I believe that what we know and cannot tell qualifies as
tacit knowledge -- but, I'm starting to wonder if ALL tacit knowledge is
restricted to those things we know AND cannot tell. In other words, might
some of what we know and CAN tell also qualify as tacit?

I'm going to have to reread Polanyi.

Drat! I knew if I sent At those "damn books" I'd be making work for

Oh well...

I'll come back to this thread after re-reading The Tacit Dimension.


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