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Date: 01/19/01

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An online data base called EBSCO in our library of full page journal
articles ( dated back 1985) produced 1600 + hits during a recent search.
As a graduate student as well, my problem is too many articles to read.
It is tough choice to select and suggest only one. One suggestion is:

Huber, G. P. (1991) Organizational Learning: The contributing processes
and the literatures. Organization Science, 2, 88-115.

For a more recent article, but no less simple is:

Crossen, M. M. (1999, July). An organizational learning framework: From
intuition to institution. Academy of Management Review, 24 (3) 522-538.

If you are at UM it would be fun to read:

Weick, K. E., & Westley, F. (1996). Organizational learning: Affirming an
oxymoron. In Clegg, Hardy, Nord (Eds.)The handbook of organization
studies. Beverly Hills, CA: Sage.

Karl Weick teaches there and maybe you could attend a class. The last
suggestion and a very clear read is:

Kim, D. H. (1993, Fall). The link between individual and organizational
learning. Sloan Management Review, 35 (1) 37-50.


Tony Barrett
University of Idaho


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