COOL LOve LO25947 -Part II

Date: 01/19/01

Replying to LO25937 --


.. A crystallization of the previous 2,349 words would be to say

But then, long-winded ****** that I am, that starts getting bigger, too....

On Sunday, as I walked to church to teach all the kids about prayer, I
picked up some salt crystals that were lying by the side of the road.
The sun on Sunday was almost hidden and it didn't hurt at all to look at
it. But as I held up the crystals to the sun, small, misshapen,
insignificant and impure as they were, the light shone through them, and
became brilliant. So that is what I told the kids about prayer.

You will no doubt be pleased to hear that at the meeting last night, we
voted in favour of the door. Thought I would tell you, so that you lost
no more sleep.

Just re-read my earlier message.

For somebody who only has at best the loosest grip on what I am talking
about most of the time, I don't half rant. I have nothing against learning
or learning organisations or anything, really, so long as it genuinely
enriches life and the sum of humanity, rather than merely appearing to do
so, which is a pretty dodgy thing to do. I am perfectly happy to benefit
from their learning, and for them to continue to learn, and for that to be
passed on - like they needed my approval. In fact one of my favourite
rants, is against the evangelical church - amongst whose ranks I find
myself, but don't necessarily count myself, though I might do (a-ha!) -
depends on your definition - and their fear of learning and knowledge and
thought. The general teaching seems to be that God wants to inhabit your
life and body and soul, but that your intellect is beyond redemption and
you should just "accept", which is so, so wrong, and so sad and leads to
so many earnest people missing out on so much. I would hate for my
ravings to fall into that category. I just struggle to find purpose
behind some things that's all. Maybe that is a sign of my not having
'wondered and wandered', 'thought and puzzled' enough. Acting without
thinking is as bad as thinking without acting. I think (and therefore
say) that what I want to say (and think) is that there has to be both.
Sorry if I fell into the trap of throwing out one in favour of the other -
the precise shortcoming I was complaining about.

Or is it


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