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From: Fred Nickols (
Date: 01/25/01

Responding to Rick Karash in LO25961 --

>p.s. My interpretation of Polanyi makes sense to me, but is it Polanyi's
>intended meaning? I'm not sure... I am quite sure he was aware from Dewey,
>Peirce and others the possible meaning of "know" as "know how".

Rick's interpretation tied to the distinction between know what and know
how. At de Lange has already offered up that Polanyi referred to wissen
and konnen. It is in that same reference (p.7) that Polanyi refers
explicitly to "know what" and "know how" and attributes those two to
Gilbert Ryle. Actually, Gilbert Ryle referred to "knowing how" and
"knowing that" (on page 27 of Ryle's 1949 book,The Concept of Mind).
Ryle was a pretty highly regarded and influential philosopher at Oxford --
and a behaviorist (which is why I read him).


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