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Date: 01/31/01

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At 07:37 25-01-2001 -0500, Fred Nickols wrote:

>Rick's interpretation tied to the distinction between know what and know
>how. At de Lange has already offered up that Polanyi referred to wissen
>and konnen. It is in that same reference (p.7) that Polanyi refers
>explicitly to "know what" and "know how" and attributes those two to
>Gilbert Ryle. Actually, Gilbert Ryle referred to "knowing how" and
>"knowing that" (on page 27 of Ryle's 1949 book,The Concept of Mind).
>Ryle was a pretty highly regarded and influential philosopher at Oxford --
>and a behaviorist (which is why I read him).

I think Fred made an important clarification (the use of "knowing" by
Riley, instead of "know" or "knowledge").

Now, that I am re-reading Shon's "Reflective Pratitioner" in order to make
a summary of it, I have noticed some curious things:

- Schon referres to MANY authors but he makes only two references to

- The first reference is at page 52 and it is preceded in page 51 by a
quotation of Ryle about the point Fred mentioned. Then the quotation on
Polanyi begins "M.P. who invented the phrase "tacit knowing" draws
examples...", and then follows a summary of cases from TD I referred in a
previous mail (he also refers somewhere to PK).

- I first become interested in Polanyi's TD, AFTER I read Schon. I suppose
that I then red Polanyis in the light of Schon. That could explain some of
my misunderstandings about what exactly Polanyi had in mind...

Isn't that interesting?




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