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Date: 01/30/01

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Dear Organlearners,

Bill Harris <> writes in reply to

Andrew's ( comment:

>> Well, let's hope these people get to find out what
>> those strange Greek words above mean before
>> the **** hits the ***.
>I knew I should have studied Greek in college. :-)

Greetings dear Bill and Andrew,

I am interested in the word **** itself. The milder Greek word for it is
"kakos" which is usually translated as "evil". We could also say "big
trouble" for ****. This is the ontology (being) of ****.

But what about the ontogeny (becoming) of ****? We have Andrew's "the ****
hits the *** " above. In my mother tongue Afrikaans we have the acronym
HKGK which is pronounced letter by letter. It means "hier kom groot k** ".
In English the acronym would be HCBS. It would mean "here comes big s***".
When somebody spells HKGK, it gives us just about sufficient time to duck.
We have to duck too often to feel complacent about our circumstances. I do
not wish you fellow learners the same.

To avoid destructive immergences at the edge of chaos is just as important
as to seek constructive emergences because we are dealing with
bifurcations (double forkings) at this edge of chaos. I wonder if one of
the telling signs of a LO is not when the organisation as a whole reacts
smoothly to the call "duck!!" or HKGK? Should a LO not have to know how to
deal with destructive immergences.

With care and best wishes.


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