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From: Sandy Wells (
Date: 02/07/01

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How is your professor defining "classical management?" And how is h/she
defining LO?

I think you've got to have a clear picture of those two concepts in prof's
mind--and then juxtapose how you are defining those two.

One might consider some of the companies in Built to Last (for example) as
"classically" managed companies and yet they also have some
characteristics that would be characteristically LO. And, I suppose if
one really wanted to open a Pandora's box, are there variations--that is,
degrees to which an org demonstrates LO characteristics? What are your
thoughts around this, Matt? Do you believe that there are orgs that can be
pointed to as "Modern LOs?" and how would their managers work to manage
change through LO practices?

I personally do not believe there are any "cons" to the practice of LO

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