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From: Barry Mallis (
Date: 02/07/01

Replying to LO26065 --

Arthur Battram's observations about the waste of training in a climate
devoid of the needed level of trust reminds me of work I am facilitating.

In managing business complexity, a key "module" is managing organizational
complexity, were the pressures of re-organization meet up with the
proliferation of opportunities. In considering this intersection, we
define an integrated causal loop diagram, one loop of which is
"Demonstrate Integrity." The key factors around this loop (where the
letter "O" means opposite, and "S" means same) are:

1. Shared concern articulation---S--->
2. Psychological safety---S--->
3. Trust---O--->
4. Organizational defenses---O--->
5. Debate openness---S--->
6. Diverse perspective consideration---S---> back to #1

It reads, as shared concern articulation increases, the level of
psychological safety increases.
As psychological safety increases, trust increases.
As trust increases, organizational defenses decrease (O for opposite).
As org. defenses decrease, debate openness increases (O for opposite), etc.

This loop is one of a total of four in the integrated loop diagram. It
supports what Arthur says about trust required to pursue a problem or
opportunity in an organization, where complexity is the rule, not the

Best regards,

Barry Mallis
Keene, NH USA


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