Strategy and Ontology LO26157

Date: 02/17/01

Replying to LO26144 -- writes:

> Ensure that our customers understand that because of our environmental
> values, there are products we cannot offer them." is a strategic goal
> statement. It says
> nothing about how to achieve the goals, and it is not centralized or top
> down except in reinforcing the values. It does not restrict learning and
> changing. In fact it seems to enable those things to happen.

I think that, in its most simplistic definition, strategy answers the
planning question of "how." Tactics (again simplistically) provide the
implementing responses of what, when, where, and who for every answer of

Strategic objectives provide the "how" for realizing a mission (or
purpose). The mission (and/or vision and values) usually provide the
answer to "why."

I have been doing some reading about what distinguishes strategic planning
from planning and it appears to me that these two responses contradict one
another. Or am I misreading them? I would like to know more about what
strategic planning is and isn't.

Harriett J. Robles


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